We're data driven and obsessed with results.

Studio is made up of research-minded creative storytellers obsessed with optimization and results. As a full-service, media-agnostic advertising agency powered by Gannett, we offer our clients access to the top research, creative, and marketing communications solutions in the business. And because we’re powered by one of the largest media companies in the nation, we’re able to offer intelligently integrated marketing and media strategies on local, regional and national levels.

Our Story.

Before we were Studio, we were a handful of hand-plucked visual thinkers who focused mainly on internal marketing projects at the Austin-American Statesman.

Our VP had a vision to realign us as a team that could create work for our local advertising clients in Austin, Texas. We organized, created a name, and started building. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. We now work for clients in several states, adding team members, capabilities, clients, and awards a long the way. It’s been a wild ride. And we’ve loved every minute of it.


Our Brand.

We have a lot of experience in developing brands, including our own. We’ve added a few new twists since we adopted our original look, feel, and mascot.


The S/8 is born out of the earlier adoption of the octopus as our “mascot” by alluding to both the eight arms of the octopus while also incorporating the definition of the number in numerology and its meaning in myriad cultures (power, balance, drive, ambition). The S/8 is also tied to the infinity/mobius symbol, alluding to “completion, harmony and balance.”  

The Octopus 

The octopus bug is the second generation symbol modeled after our original hydra version, which was originally born out of Studio’s strive for perfection, attention to detail, and passion, as well as the traits octopuses exhibit (cunning, intelligence, and adaptation).

Meet the Team

We love what we do and we’re passionate about creating award-winning work that makes cash registers ring for our clients.

Behind the Scenes



2020 Austin Advertising Federation ADDY Award 

  • Silver: ZACH 2018-19 Broadcast TV Promotional Series 


  • Silver: Brookfield Residential, “The Journey of Kissing Tree” Documentary 
  • Silver: ZACH Theatre 2019-19 Season Series Promotional Campaign Video 
  • Silver: Roomkey “About Us” Fully-Animated Video 
  • Bronze: CAP10K Ambassador Promotional Campaign Video


  • Silver: Brookfield Residential “Drawn Home” Brand Campaign 
  • Silver: RS3 Strategic Hospitality F1 Sizzle Corporate Image Non-Broadcast 
  • Bronze:  Bud Light SXSW Can Reveal Animated Brand Content 


  • Bronze: Marlow’s Tavern Food & Beverage Series 
  • Bronze: Brookfield Residential, “Your Life Happens Here” Promotional Campaign 
  • Bronze: Southern Kitchen Food & Beverage Series 
  • Bronze: Austin360 Studio Session Music Web series 


  • Bronze: Statesman CAP10K Sizzle Reel 
  • Bronze: Travisso “Moments” Real Estate Promo 
  • Bronze: Charles Maund Toyota Drew Davis Series 
  • Bronze: CAP10K 360VR Sizzle
  • Bronze: Brookfield Residential “The Line that Binds” Campaign 


  • Bronze: Cedar Park Jewelry Emoticon Campaign 


  • Gold: White Mountain Foods "We're Cultured" TV  Commercial 
  • Gold: Cork & Barrel Brand Guidelines 
  • Gold: Brookfield Residential "Drawn Home" Video 
  • Gold: ZACH Theatre Website (Performing Arts) 
  • Silver: Bud Light SXSW Can Reveal Animation 
  • Silver: ZACH Theatre Website Best Visual Appeal  


  • Silver: ZACH 2018-19 Broadcast TV Promotional Series 


  • Gold: Brookfield “Kissing Tree” documentary Best in Show  
  • SilverBrookfield “Your Life Happens Here” Integrated Campaign

2020 Trailblazer Media Awards 

  • Video Creative: CAP10K Race Ambassador 
  • Audio Creative: ZACH Theatre “Dracula” 
  • Display Creative: Austin360 Radio “JB’s Back” 
  • Local Agency Support Staff (Liz Rubio)

2019 Trailblazer Media Awards 

  • Best Display AdBrookfield Residential, “Your Life Happens Here” 
  • Best Video PSAThe City of Cedar Park “A Little Water Goes a Long Way” 
  • Agency Director (Dan Hanrahan) 

2018 Trailblazer Media Awards 

  • Best Display Ad 
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