Studio Launches New Website

Studio, a full-service ad agency powered by Gannett, launches new website as part of its updated brand launch.

Studio is proud to announce the launch of its new website,, which showcases the team, their latest client campaigns, the agency’s full suite of capabilities, and primarily, a home that matches its updated brand messaging, tone, look and feel, and overall vibe.

What’s new on the new Studio website?

  • https//: Completely secure and registered officially with Google
  • SEO Friendly: On-page SEO is a part of this site.
  • Specialized One-Sheets: Downloadable PDFs featuring capabilities and features for research, video, and branding
  • Shareable INK Blog content: Links to share with a single click to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, included in key places throughout the site. For instance, sharing a blog post to FB, IG, and LinkedIn is now a matter of just a few clicks. The dynamic Blog posts are easier to create and updated, and are auto-tagged and dated so blogs in similar categories are grouped together.
  • INK Email Newsletter Integration
  • Embedded Video: All videos play on-site, embedded from Vimeo
  • Improved Hosting Environment: WPEngine
  • Google Analytics Integration: Set up to run campaigns and to track all website traffic

Join Studio in celebrating their new website launch by sharing it with your prospects, clients, and colleagues!