SXSW Custom Can Reveal

When Bud Light designed its annual SXSW can, they came to us for a video that represents the truly authentic art of Austin, Texas and the SXSW brand community. Studio brought the can to life. The result is a dynamic 15-second video designed to loop and, in the process, work harder for the brand and engage the SXSW audience on screen and social, and at SXSW events. 

Summer Live Series

Studio worked with Bud Light and the Austin American-Statesman to create a summer concert series, which we heavily promoted in print, digital, and social media. The series caught on fast: the June show sold out in 17 hours. July sold out in 3 hours. August—27 minutes. The series was streamed live on Facebook, reaching 200,000 total viewers. Branded SnapChat filters generated 26,000 impressions. Print ads and native articles reached an estimated 6.2 million people. 

Texas Tailgarten Series

Bud Light hosted Texas Tailgarten parties, open to the public, every home UT football game. Our Austin360 host presents a Facebook Livestream and invites Austin360 viewers to join the event every Saturday morning, live from the Texas Tailgarten. 

Bud Light asked Studio to create a plan around this annual event that would enhance and amplify their voice around The University of Texas Longhorn home football games, helping them stand out in a highly competitive industry. 

To do this, we stream the crowd, music, activations and brand messaging on Facebook on behalf of Bud Light. The 2019 event series on and has so far resulted in more than 13 million impressions and over 6,000 clicks.

Austin360 Studio Sessions

Bud Light is huge supporter and fan of live music. Sponsoring the Austin360 Studio Sessions is another way to create brand recognition while delivering a “wow!” experience to potential clients, as viewers who watch in real time are able to directly connect with the Artists they love by asking questions and hearing the Artist answer them during the Facebook Livestream. These up-close live performances and intimate interviews featuring some big-name acts, such as Vallejo, Dale Watson and KT Tunstall. Studio has promoted and produced every Bud Light Austin360 Studio Session (57 and counting). 

Bud Light

Sizzles, live events and music sponsorships

Our relationship with Bud Light includes several promotions and events that are produced by Studio. 


Help promote Bud Light sponsored events in Central Texas.


Animated graphics, social, event and concert sponsorships, integrated campaigns (print, native, digital, social), video. 


The results across the board were significant for Bud Light and the results for each launch, event, and sponsorship are detailed in specific sections on this page.