Studio set up time-lapse cameras to capture the construction of Cork & Barrel. Combined with video interviews of the owners, Studio is in a unique position to tell the Cork & Barrel story from its inception.

Cork & Barrel

Brand Guidelines & Video

Round Rock’s forthcoming Irish gastropub and microbrewery had little more than a name and a parcel of land under development when they asked Studio to help develop their brand and capture on film the birth of their business. Slȧinte! 


Develop guidelines for how a brand is communicated and film the development of their pub.


Brand workshop, brand guidelines, logo development, video,  time-lapse video capture.


Cork & Barrel uses their brand guidelines to promote a consistent brand experience to partners and vendors as well as an educational tool for their employees. 

Recently, Studio set up a time-lapse camera to capture the building of the pub. Along with personal interviews, Studio continues to tell the story of this unique and anticipated establishment.