Recognizing Nurses

What started out as a great idea to honor nurses in Central Texas has turned into one of the local healthcare industry’s most admired honors and attended annual events. Studio developed the entire suite of the program’s branding, marketing materials, videos, and event collateral. We love our nurses, now more than everQ


Each year, Studio develops campaign, displays and video for the largest 10K race in Texas. A handful of Studio employees also run the race. Now that’s what we call putting yourself into your work!


There’s a lot of deception behind booking travel online. Roomkey, “The honest hotel booking site,” is putting an end to that. Using a style that matched the latest brand elements, Studio produced an animated explainer video showing how Roomkey “brings truth to travel,” making sense of the traps involved in booking travel online with Roomkey competitors while presenting an engaging and clear explanation of what sets Roomkey apart. 

Joy Cone

Joy Cone has been baking the highest-quality ice cream cones since 1918. Studio was given a tasty video project: Three cereal milk no-churn ice cream recipes. We dug right in, scooping up three top-down Tasty-style, stop-motion videos featuring Joy Cone and recipes for making three different flavors of cereal ice cream. This video mixes all three together.


Nurses, races, hotel rooms, and yum!

As the in-house agency for Gannett Media Co., Inc., Studio is pressed into a lot of healthy, moving, and sometimes downright tasty projects. 


Developing engaging and memorable marketing campaigns and video projects that inspire people to take action.


Integrated marketing and media campaigns, video.


The initiatives we’ve helped develop have turned into some of the most admired and well-attended events of their kind. Other projects have hit their mark by over-delivering on all KPIs.